Hi, I'm Samantha


I am a grant writer with a passion for sharing the stories of organizations who do good work. Having worked on both sides of the nonprofit coin – the grantee and the funder  – I have a unique perspective to consult nonprofit organizations. Let’s write your organization’s narrative to secure funding!

Mission - Vision - Values


Cultivate the reality of strategic solutions to community needs through organizational assessment, mission-fit research, and securing funding.


Nonprofit organizations have the skills, resources, and materials to always be grant ready.


Transparency – Servant Leadership – Humility – Humor

My Narrative

Aha! Moments and Navigation

I never felt a clear purpose when it came to what was next after high school. If you’re one who has always known “what you want to be when you grow up”, that vision is not something I can resonate with. Something I did resonate with was travel – and a strong wanderlust to see what life outside of my home town would bring me.

What that was turned out to be a volunteer committment with the AmeriCorps*NCCC program. I served 11 months mostly working on efforts to restore damage from Hurricane Katrina, but the larger benefit (for me) was developing a passion for organizations that do good work. I mean that in the deepest, most sincere meaning of the word. What was next – fell together rather naturally.

Luckily, my home town has an Ah-MAZE-ing community service organization that I was blessed to spend eight years at. There, I got to know how nonprofits functioned. I learned what was involved in developing programs, managing staff – and yes, writing grants! I saw the anxiety over waiting for grant announcements in the eyes of my staff and the look of achievement when we were awarded funding to continue our programs.

I then navigated from the “doing” to the “giving”. Getting even more intrenched in the inter workings of nonprofit organizations, as a funder I saw the pieces fit together to the nonprofit story – funders want to put their resources into the hands of organizations that can demonstrate strategic solutions to the causes they – both funder and nonprofit – care so tirelessly for.

Fast forward to 2020 when an “aha!” moment struck – The Narrative Grant Writing & Nonprofit Consulting was born. My grant writing, reviewing, and Human Resources background poise me well to assist in development of your nonprofit.

Do the words “writing a grant” set you on edge? Lean on me! My vision is for your organization to become self-sufficient in grant writing after consultation from The Narrative. 

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